Sunday, August 3, 2014

Random Rants

Another note on playing the game. It has come to my attention that some players of D&D, among other RPGs, play to abuse, even break the system. Role-play? So long as it doesn’t interfere with tearing into the system, rending it for all of its problems. And why not? The games all have problems. Why not exploit them? Reality? Physics? What’s important? The rules are important. Refer to the books. The books have the final say. That’s why it’s a game and not just make believe.
That said, ask yourself, the other players around you, what kind of game are they looking for? Do they all want to get deep into the system, deep into the words of the books? Would they like to take a fair amount of game time to discuss and iron out interpretations of the rules? There is a lot to interpret, especially for those that really like breaking down the rules. What do the other players want to get immersed in?
You see what I did there? I made it about the other players. Players should always do that. I guarantee you will have a ball if you are looking out for the other players and they are looking out for you, and each other. The characters don’t need to be nice to each other all of the time but the players should be, and even their characters should be cooperating. If you have a hog player, then he or she is looking out for themselves. It requires more effort by the other players just to be heard and respected. On the other hand, quiet players are also only looking out for themselves. They require more effort from the other players toward inclusion. It’s best and not unrealistic to have a table full of pretty darn balanced players. Insist on it.
Go take care of each other. Grow your relationships while playing this amazing game. Push yourselves. Stretch yourselves. If you want to relax, hang out, and have a few beers, go bowling. If you want to sit back, watch, and roll dice, go shoot Craps. If you want to dominate the scene, and be in control over your lessers, go get therapy. Life is too short and the highest potential of this game is too great to settle for less.

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