Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pathfinder Whining

Ah, money. I recently decided to have my cleric retire from the Pathfinder game I’m playing in. I changed my mind but the problem still exists. It was determined randomly from the start that my character came from a rich family of merchants. He also has some business gifts in math. My character could probably live a happy life as a merchant.
Instead he has gone through several adventures and near death experiences. He has been in command when a companion of his died. In the end, they’ve made a pittance with most of the monsters they’ve faced having no loot. The DM seems to be running a low treasure game.
That’s fine. I like low treasure, low income, and low magic games. I do ask, however, that the price lists for mundane equipment recognize the fact that the economy is tight. Such has not been the case, with my PC having to worry about having enough to buy food.
Running out of food is the depths of a dungeon is one thing, namely poor planning on the player’s part. Worrying about the basic needs of my character standing in front of the market is another. If I’m going to keep playing, then I might be more happy with a character that can live in the rough, a Ranger or some such.
The bigger picture, of course, is that this theme has come up again. The party of leveled characters is being made to look mundane and far from special, far from heroes. This isn’t Call of Cthulhu. We are not normal, everyday people, faced with dreadful monsters. We are specially trained, have made substantial investments in time, armor and weapons. We hunt monsters. We kill stuff. It’s time we were rewarded for it.

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