Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Introduction To Pathfinder II

June, 2014 - I had trouble waking up today. No really, I had trouble waking up today. My character was asleep when the Orcs attacked. Bells ringing, people screaming, steel clashing, and yet I couldn’t roll well enough to wake my character up. This was explained after the fact by saying that my character drank too much the night before. Something I stated at the time that my character didn’t do.
So my character ceased to be a hero for a few rounds, becoming over the top mundane. The story went out of my hands and into the rulebook. Therein was found whatever rule that made me roll to wake up. Understand please, the rulebook was telling my story. My story! I don’t blame the DM for this. He’s just following the rules for the game.
I will endeavor to tolerate this game, for the sake of contrast with other games. My education requires exposure to unpleasant things. My house also plays host to my gaming group, although I do wonder if they are enjoying Pathfinder at all. We enjoy each other’s company, and that is most important, but there are scores of other things we could do for fun.

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