Monday, October 20, 2014

Rules To Play By

If you want to play in this game, I will treat you as the that adults you are, and hope that you do the same to me:

1. If you want to play then you must commit to play. The game is WHAT YOU DO on Saturday nights. Exceptions exist, of course. Still, I will not ask you to find out who is up for the Saturday game every week. You will be expected to show up unless you state otherwise.
2. If you want ME to PROVIDE YOU a fun time, this isn’t the game for you. You are an equal participant. The Players make the story. The DM fills the spaces in between.
3. Leave your cell-phone on vibrate and I-pads and laptops at home. If you want or need to use your phone during the game then you need to leave the room.
4. We will be sitting around a table versus on couches.
5. You need to commit to be at the game on time. You are responsible to contact me if you will not make a game session.
6. If you only speak when spoken to then this game is not for you. You must initiate speech, ask questions at the very least. If you are content to let others DECIDE the shape and content of your story, to just follow them along, then you are not role-playing.
7. You will need to keep up Facebook or Email messages during the week. Respond if appropriate. Please respond to “in game” messages, in the rare instances that there would be a need.

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