Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Rant That Is More Than A Rant

I will not find perfect players for my game. I do not deserve perfect players in any case, because my preparedness, as DM, is far from perfect. Nevertheless, I want good players. I think I have a lot of world and opportunities to offer good players. Good players would make me better too. To be selfish for a moment, this is what I really want, to get better at DMing. Only players that seek more will get me there.

I have had players that I honestly feel would be okay with me telling them all that happens, that they never have to speak a word, just roll dice from time to time. I’ve also had players that won’t shut up. I’ve had players that make a joke out of everything and slander the other PCs. I’ve had way too many players who panic when a rule or structure is unset or made vague. I have had too many players that expect me to provide them with entertainment. I’ve had players get drunk during the game. I’ve had players, good people, be confused about what a “good” character would do. I have had players that always play the same character, no matter what class the characters are.

I expect, and I repeat, I expect that my future players will want to improve their playing in the same way I want to improve my DMing. I will insist on it. That quiet player will work towards speaking and engaging more. That loud and loquacious player will learn temperance and how to listen. That funny player will stop insulting other players for a laugh and will pursue a serious course. Those rules lawyers and petty arguers? They are gone. Players that expect me to tell their stories for them will exercise creativity. Players will not drink in my game. If players are confused or too reliant on Alignments to determine what they will do, I will eliminate Alignments.

Players will be stretched and will stretch themselves. I want an immersive game which becomes so much more possible when relationships are building and everyone is playing the same game. By them engaging, using their brains and their creativity, I will have to engage more, use my brain, and expand my efforts at answering creativity with positivity.

My game will improve. There is obvious room for improvement. To settle would lead me to quit. There are too many other options to pursue if I am stuck in a dead game.

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