Friday, February 9, 2018

What makes a good DM

I was just looking at a post that was put up yesterday on a Facebook, AD&D page. It asked the question, "What makes a good DM?" About 200 comments into it I have learned that:

A: It is the DM's responsibility to insure that the game is fun for the players.
B: It is the DM's responsibility to know when to break the rules and when not to.
C: Most importantly, the DM needs to be flexible.
D: The DM must be a good story TELLER.
E: The DM is responsible for keeping the players engrossed.
F: The DM must be lucky enough to have good players and a good mentor.
G: The DM must be able to say no to his or her players.
H: The DM needs to have the ability to satisfy all of the players in-game desires.
I: Beer and snacks.
J: And then there are the catch-all statements that apply to ANY social situations: Adaptability, Creativity, Communication skills, Cooperation, and Agreeability.

I didn't look at the whole list, because why would I? And to be fair, being "organized" was included more than once. Most of the rest of it can be either assumed or thrown in the lake. To be clear, I disagreed with most of the statements made. I did not take any of the efforts represented here as serious.

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