Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Does Romance Really Work in RPGs

I have only seen romance work in very personal, one-on-one games. I normally (and by that I mean weekly) DM a group of adults, yet for us romance is kept on a very surface level. Players note that they have a loved one awaiting their character's return. Those loved ones have names, so the players can occasionally reference them during role-playing. But when the reunion occurs, that's about it; the reunion occurs. Then we move on.

Is that enough? Surely this does go player to player, with some players being more comfortable with romantic play. Other players are not going to engage, being comfortable with personal relationships staying on the surface. Still others are not going to engage and are going to model playing styles that discourage delving into romance. As much as I want freedom in the game, it is not my place to press one way or the other. Right?

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