Thursday, November 3, 2016

How Much Realism is Too Much?

YouTube is lousy with videos showing plain details about the efficacy of armor and steel weapons. Is it better to continually try to match your game up with reality, or should a lot of gaming concepts get a pass? Endurance rules, for example, are often abused but if it gets a pass, then is that okay? As a DM I recently had to explain why a character carrying a 2-handed sword could also climb a rope. I was able to do that without just saying, "Because she can," but does it matter? I don't mind that some things get a pass. It is the people that want to break the system that I am concerned with. When their focus turns away from role-playing, turns away from personal story-telling, turns away from the interests of their fellow players, in order to brake game mechanics, I become concerned.
Reality is great as a guide, but it can get in the way of a smooth flowing game.

Some Awesome Reality

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