Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How Often Do You Play?

Serious question: How often is not often enough? Say you play in a weekly D&D game. Sometimes things come up, so let's say your group meets 44 times in the 52-week year to play. That's greater than three sessions per month on average. If a player wants to play, and commits to play, how many sessions a month should he or she play? Is it up to the player? Say a player commits to play but plays only 2 sessions a month on average. Is that enough? Should there be a house rule regarding participation?


  1. Very open ended question. How long is the play, 3 hours 1 per week, or 10 hours 1 per month. Does the player not come cause they are a flake, or because life has other demands. Probably the biggest question is how much does not having that persons character in the mix influence the play, what is the impact on others?

  2. Your last question would stand alone as a separate question. Your second question has small bearing as the flake isn't really making a commitment, and the life demands are a real thing and are going to happen no matter how strongly committed a person is. Your first question is better as I didn't consider that not everyone plays for at least four hours at a time. I would argue, in any case, that a campaign that plays only once a month is a sign of an unhealthy game.