Sunday, May 10, 2015

XP for RP? And New Log

Recently one of my beloved players suggested that there should be an XP reward for good role-playing. This, he said, will encourage players to role-play. So, What is the formula for figuring XP for role-playing? What does that table look like?

Bribed the guard with a great lie.....250 XP
Told a sad tale to get a free room....300 XP
Gave an impassioned speech............500 XP
Made everyone at the table laugh......750 XP

No. Talking your way out of, or into, a situation does not make you more skilled with the blade. Further, I would suggest that players of a role-playing game shouldn't need encouragement to role-play. We are not playing Monopoly or Risk. We role-play.

I understand about newbies needing time to get a feel for Role-playing. Getting into a character in our favorite game is unique. Takes time to develop Role-playing. Certainly did for me. Newbies should be encouraged by the example of the other players (in a table of newbies, I guarantee that someone will step up and Role-play.) It really is not the DM's job, but the other players taking responsibility for each other. So, no XP.

The new write-up of Session 3 is up here.

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