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Fumbles Chart

Fumbles Chart

If a character makes an attack in a round after moving in the same round, then he, she or it fumbles on a rolled “1”.

1-5 You have dropped your item
6-8 Your attention is unfocused by a glare of light. –4 from your next initiative.
9-11 Blood or sweat get in your eyes. –4 from your next initiative.
12-14 You trip and fall prone. –4 AC until your next action.
15-16 You trip and fall prone, losing your weapon 10’.
17-19 Your ankle gives out on you. Halve your movement for a complete turn.
20-21 You turn suddenly, twisting your ankle. Halve your movement for a complete turn.
22-23 Your knee hyperextends awkwardly with a loud pop. You have 1/3 your movement for two weeks unless healed.
24-25 A forceful pop in your shoulder is heard as your sword arm goes limp. –4 to attacks for a week unless healed.
26 Hit yourself hard in the groin. Deal yourself half damage and fight at –2 for a complete turn.
27-28 You hit yourself for full damage.
29-30 You hit an adjacent companion for full damage.
31-32 You strike yourself slightly on your backswing/motion. Deal yourself half damage.
33-34 You knock the wind out of yourself. Fight at –2 for a complete turn.
35 You have broken a bone in your sword arm. Lose 1/10 of HP rounded up. Gain –4 to attacks and no thief’s skills until healed
36 You have broken a bone in your leg. Lose 1/10 of HP rounded up. Move at 1/3 rate.
37-39 Your weapon becomes stuck in the floor or a nearby object or wall. Can be retrieved with help from one other person.
40-41 Your weapon breaks if it is non-magical.
42-43 You lose your grip and throw your weapon 20’.
44-45 Your attack ricochets back and you hit yourself for half damage.
46-48 Your movements put you severely off balance. Lose Dex bonus to AC until your next attack.
49 You trip, fall prone, and strike your head. Unconscious for 1d6 rounds.
50-51 Your helm becomes twisted, leaving you unable to see. –4 AC until your next action.
52-53 In the heat of massive fumbling, character momentarily loses inhibitions and unintentionally mentions something extremely awkward and otherwise unknown by members in the party.
54-56 Character trips, wobbles, and then crashes into adjacent ally. Both fall prone.
57-58 Character flails and pokes self in eye for 1d4 damage. –2 to hit and AC until healed.
59-60 All your enemies are heartened by your wild fumble. +20% morale.
61-62 You fall prone. Most fragile thing in your inventory is broken.
63-65 You misjudge your offensive and you leave yourself wide open to retaliation. –2 AC until your next attack.
66-67 Handling your weapon like a rank amateur you somehow manage to sprain your wrist. –2 to attacks for a week unless healed.
68-69 In an embarrassing display of awkwardness you overbalance and loose your composure and tumble forward 5’ and collapse.
70 The Invisible monster following you chooses this moment to strike.
71-72 You shriek, spasm and either urinate in fear or orgasm in excitement (player chooses secretly)
73 You've managed to smash your own larynx. Your voice is strained and raspy. For two weeks or until healed it is a real struggle to speak even a sentence.
74-75 Your weapon slips from your greasy, butter fingers. It ends up stuck somewhere that makes it difficult or impossible to retrieve.
76-77 You give your tongue an epic bite! You think part of it might be missing now. Speaking is difficult until you are healed.
78-79 You accidentally slash your own wrist or major blood vessel. Bleed 1/10 of your HP a round, rounding down, until you are healed.
80-81 You fall prone on your face... Hard! (1d6 damage, -1d4 Cha)
82 You fall onto your backpack. All breakables break.
83-84 Your sexy bits flop out! Fix it or risk it getting hurt.
85-86 You fall into a nearest light source. 1d6 damage+.
87-88 Knock yourself unconscious for 1d4 turns.
89 You hit the floor or wall and wake a thousand hornets. –2 to hit and AC.
90-91 You hit a wall support or pillar and are covered in a 20’ wide cave-in. Causes 1d10 damage to all caught.
92-94 Give yourself a bloody nose. -1 to hit.
95-96 Your foot gets stuck in a crack in the floor. Cannot move without help extracting your foot.
97-99 Roll twice and take worst result
100 Roll three times and take worst result.

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